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The people of Dalmonds are small producers with great love!

We take care of our trees throughout the year to give us their best, bigger and tastier fruit.

We follow the path of our trees in time and with our own care and with the help of the unique microclimate of our region, we produce almonds and almond milk of high quality, wonderful taste and unique pleasure!

Our market and our homes have been overwhelmed by large quantities of overseas products of uncertain origin and quality. The same applies to almonds. The people of Dalmonds continue, insist and fight daily so as Greek almonds can reach every home!

We know and live the financial difficulties of our times and we try, with our own small share, to strengthen Greek production, while maintaining the most competitive market prices, offering you the 100% Greek high quality almonds you deserve!

In our e-shop you can, quickly and easily, order almonds and almond milk and pay for them when they arrive at your door, with cash on delivery.

Contact us, get informed and make your order! You will always find us willing to serve you!

On our website you will also find new scientific studies, recipes and everything else about almond and its relationship with man and nature!
Thank you for your trust

Thank you for your trust