A fruit with history for our country, for us, our diet and our health!

In Greece, the almond tree is grown since the 3rd century BC and the medicinal properties of almonds have been known to our ancestors since then. Father of medicine, Hippocrates, mentions almond as a valuable assistant to his therapies, and the Greek physician of the first century AD, Dioskouridis, states that almond oil was used by the ancients as a medicine and for the production of myrrh. Theophrastus speaks of the use of tree resin in pharmacy, while Aristotle exalts the juices of his flowers as bees’ food.

For the people of Dalmonds almond has also its own history and position, as the cultivation of almonds trees and the production of almonds began in the Macedonian plain 3 generations ago and today we continue, using as a guide the secrets that the older ones have told us, to cultivate and produce 100% Greek almonds and almond milk.

Inside his small fruit are hidden the great gifts of nature!

Almonds contain proteins, fiber and are an important source of vitamin E, magnesium, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron and monounsaturated fatty acids.
Their nutritional value, as we all know, is important and the action of almonds is beneficial for many reasons … but we will only briefly mention you 10!
The almonds …
  • Lower cholesterol

  • Regulate diabetes

  • Protect the heart

  • Boost cerebral function

  • Help to lose weight

  • Protect the fetus

  • Fight constipation

  • Strengthen the bones

  • Keep the skin shiny

  • Help in hair health

We bring these gifts of nature to your doorstep,
fast and for a low cost, wherever you live in Greece and abroad!